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12/28: William Merritt Chase, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. See 8/16 in the CN Archives for further information and links. Closes January 16.


December 2016

A Leader's Resolve

Washington Crossing the Delaware [enlarged image: click on details to zoom in], 1851, Emanuel Leutze (German American, 1816-1868). Oil on canvas, approx. 12 ft. x 21 ft. (378.5 cm × 647.7 cm). Metropolitan Museum of Art, Gallery 760. Smaller version*[more], approx. 3 ft. x 6 ft., Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona, Minn.

* Best viewed in Firefox, which centers images on dark background.

Kate Davis (New York City)

Who Says That's Art at annual art ed conference // Update on forthcoming Torres book Trust Betrayed // Richard F. Lack: Catalogue Raisonné // and much more . . .

The Interminable Monopoly of the Avant-Garde - Louis Torres
Chapter 9 of After the Avant-Gardes: Reflections on the Future of the Fine Arts, edited by Elizabeth Millán (Open Court, 2016). [Scroll down to see endnote no. 1 before reading. Suggestion: print notes. ]

Ayn Rand's Theory of Art: "Original" and "Inspiring" Says Academic Philosopher - Louis Torres & Michelle Marder Kamhi
Rand's Romantic Manifesto on "What Is Art?" reading list published by American Society for Aesthetics.

Washington Crossing the Delaware: Select Links to Online Sources - L.T.
On Emanuel Leutze's monumental painting and the event that inspired it.

Misusing Art for Political (and Financial) Ends - M.M.K.
The Pearl Theatre Company's exploitation of Ionesco's play Rhinoceros.


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After the Avant-Gardes: Reflections
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* "The Interminable Monopoly of the Avant-Garde" - Louis Torres

* "Mimesis versus the Avant-Garde: Art and Cognition" - Michelle Marder Kamhi
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