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8/16: William Merritt Chase: A Modern Master (1849-1916), Phillips Collection, Washington, D. C. An Impressionist Boston School painter (bio). Paintings (647!). See Judith Dobrzynski's weblog post (+ L.T. comment) and her Wall Street Journal review (+ L.T.). [To access full review, search at Google for "Between Old and New Chase" (no quotes), then click on the review title.] Closes September 11 (travels to MFA, Boston in October).

8/5: "What Unfinished Masterpieces Say to Living Artists," Epoch Times, August 4, 2016. Commentary by Jacob Collins and other Classical Realist painters from the Grand Central Atelier (which he founded) and the Florence Academy of Art [U.S.]. Recorded and photographed while they visited this exhibition's third floor, devoted to great art from the past. (For more on both Collins and the Academy, search above.) Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible, at the Met Breuer (the avant-garde branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Closes September 4.

8/3: Aristides, Valeri, Zanzinger, John Pence Gallery, San Francisco, Calif. Nudes, figures, and still lifes by noted Classical Realist painter, teacher, and author Juliette Aristides and work by two of her former students. Closes August 20.

8/1: N. C. Wyeth's Men of Concord [review] Concord Museum, Concord, Mass. The twelve original panels N.C. Wyeth (father/teacher of Andrew) painted for the book, Men of Concord and Some Others, as Portrayed in the Journal of Henry David Thoreau (1936). Fine little essay on Wyeth and Thoreau. A dream exhibition. Closes September 18.

6/17: Important Maritime Paintings, Cavalier Galleries, Nantucket, Mass. Forty superb works, mostly of sailing ships. A good number were made this year, some of them breathtaking, such as Evening Sail, Eccleciastes 4:6, by Thomas Kegler. Closes September 5.



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Iris at Dawn (Iris)* [more], 1899, Maria Oakey Dewing (American, 1845-1927). Oil on canvas, 25 3/16 x 31 5/16 in. (63 x 79.5 cm). Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, Hanover, New Hampshire. Bio (Wikipedia). Paintings (The Athenaeum). "From 1885 to 1903, Dewing and her painter husband, Thomas Wilmer Dewing, summered in Cornish [N.H.], where Maria merged her dual creative passions by painting flowers from her own garden. . . . Although Maria Dewing's career was eventually overshadowed by that of her husband, when the couple met she was by far the more highly trained and well-established artistic figure, at that time known for portraiture, still life, and figure painting" (quoted from "Hood Museum of Art Acquires Rare Outdoor Still Life by Maria Oakey Dewing." See also "The Exciting Brushwork of Maria Oakey Dewing (1845-1927)."

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